Friday, November 9, 2007

When Air Bag And Seat Belt Fail

The news article, “The Recent Automobile Accident Involving Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey Shows Just How Devastating Injuries Can Be From a Vehicle Wreck” is not just your ordinary story of car accident .Or, probably it is. Anyhow, it is news because it involved Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey.

Accounts said the governor was riding his SUV when another vehicle, who was trying to avoid a collision, ran into them that resulted into a car crash. The governor was severely injured. His femur bone split up, he had a broken sternum, 12 broken ribs, a head cut, and a fractured vertebrae. He was flown by helicopter to the hospital.

An interesting aspect in the incident was that the air bags in the governor’s vehicles failed to deploy during the accident. It also appeared that the governor did not also wear his seat belt and he was running at high speed.

Again, this puts to question the safety of air bags and seat belts used in most of our cars. In reading the news article, however, it is unclear whether it was the failure of the air bags to deploy or the governor’s inadequacy that aggravated his condition. Nevertheless, I think stricter laws on the quality and safety standards of air bags and government should impose seat belts.

At any rate, air bags and seat belts in cars must be regularly checked to ensure that they are functioning properly. Laws on the safety standards in the manufacture of air bags and seat belts must be reviewed if only to ensure that they passed the tests and are fit to use by consumers.