Friday, November 27, 2009

School Officials Investigated for Lavish Spending

The financial turmoil has caused many institutions to cut budgets. Educational institutions were not sparred of these budget cut offs.

The San Jose/Evergreen Community College was forced to cut classes and eliminate several school programs to minimize spending.

However, San Jose school officials had been lavishly spending. In fact, Rosa Perez, a school official, had a salary of $293,000 a year with a $147,000 bonus.

Moreover, such officials had been charging the district with airfares, expensive hotel accommodations and club memberships.

Consequently, the bountiful spending and benefits these school officials were under investigation.

It was frustrating to know that while several classes were cancelled and funds for disabled students were cut off, school officials had been splurging on benefits.

Certainly, the school board has to look into this matter. Any negligence on the part of the school administrators may be considered a tortuous conduct. This tortuous conduct may give rise to a damage suit.

For more information about employment law, you may contact an employment lawyer in your area.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fisher-Price cribs recalled

Mothers who want their babies to be safe would certainly stay away from Stork Craft cribs carrying the brand Fisher-Price.

Over 2 million drop-side cribs have been recalled in the United States and Canada after the deaths of four infants. The recall was initiated by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Canadian government agency in cooperation with British Columbia-based Stork Craft.

Following the recall, parents were asked to stop using said cribs. They were also told not to make any attempt to fix them until they obtained a free Stork Craft repair kit.

A total of 110 accidents in US and Canada have been received where the crib’s drop side detached. In fact, fifteen children were trapped while 20 children fell from it.

Infants are susceptible to injuries due to their tender age. They need someone or something to protect them. Cribs may certainly give them care, protection and comfort. However, a defective crib would certainly cause them harm.

If your child has been injured due to this defective crib, a product liability case may be filed against the crib manufacturer. A personal injury lawyer may be hired to ask for compensation claims.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jobless Workers Scammed Online

Workers who are looking for jobs in a website were defrauded to reveal personal information thinking that they were applying for a job position at JetBlue Airways.

Authorities first suspected that a scam has been made after some jobless workers started to look for JetBlue Airways in the John Wayne Airport.

They found out later that JetBlue Airways was never associated with the said airport.

Fraudulent acts committed by scammers against those looking for work further aggravate the suffering that jobless workers face.

Websites posting jobs, on the other hand, must do their part and confirm business details of their clients who are looking for workers so as to avoid being included in the liable parties in case litigation would ensue.

Victims also should hire expert lawyers who can represent them and get them compensated for whatever trouble that the fraud has caused them

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Proposed Action Suit against Apple, AT&T

An iPhone user wants to file a class-action suit against the makers of the phone and AT&T as the latter misled buyers by insinuating that they can use multimedia messaging service or MMS in their iPhones 3G when in fact, MMS can only be available to consumers when and if AT&T will upgrade its network.

The complainant alleged that they were “misled” by the claims of AT&T and wants them to be punished.

Every company should be cautious of their ads that are designed to attract consumers. They must be wary of their wordings and be sure to deliver the features and services that they offer their clients.

For consumers who feel that their rights are violated, they must locate an experienced business lawyer and have them assess possible charges they can file against the other party.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pilot Pulled from Flight on suspicion of Being Drunk

As federal authorities investigate the pilots who overshot an airport in Minneapolis in suspicion of fatigue, another pilot gets the spotlight as he was pulled from the plane he was supposed to fly to Chicago for having too much alcohol in his system.

Erwin Vermont Washington, 51, was arrested by British police before the plane was able to leave London’s Heathrow Airport.

The United Airlines Flight 949 was already full of passengers when the incident happened.

A spokesperson from United Airlines announced that the pilot has been removed from service pending an investigation.

She reiterated that the Airline has a strict policy about this kind of behavior and it will not be tolerated.

The flight was cancelled and the passengers were transferred to other flights.

That was a tragedy averted as it could have easily been another plane accident waiting to happen.

A plane weighs about 20 tons with thousands of moving parts and will be flying about 30,000 feet in the air.

The concept of flying is scary enough for some people, the idea that the pilot is drunk while flying is just downright terrifying.

If proven that the pilot was indeed under the influence of alcohol, he could be charged by federal authorities for endangering his passengers.

The pilot’s license can also be revoked and he can be barred from flying commercial planes ever again.