Friday, November 27, 2009

School Officials Investigated for Lavish Spending

The financial turmoil has caused many institutions to cut budgets. Educational institutions were not sparred of these budget cut offs.

The San Jose/Evergreen Community College was forced to cut classes and eliminate several school programs to minimize spending.

However, San Jose school officials had been lavishly spending. In fact, Rosa Perez, a school official, had a salary of $293,000 a year with a $147,000 bonus.

Moreover, such officials had been charging the district with airfares, expensive hotel accommodations and club memberships.

Consequently, the bountiful spending and benefits these school officials were under investigation.

It was frustrating to know that while several classes were cancelled and funds for disabled students were cut off, school officials had been splurging on benefits.

Certainly, the school board has to look into this matter. Any negligence on the part of the school administrators may be considered a tortuous conduct. This tortuous conduct may give rise to a damage suit.

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