Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pilot Pulled from Flight on suspicion of Being Drunk

As federal authorities investigate the pilots who overshot an airport in Minneapolis in suspicion of fatigue, another pilot gets the spotlight as he was pulled from the plane he was supposed to fly to Chicago for having too much alcohol in his system.

Erwin Vermont Washington, 51, was arrested by British police before the plane was able to leave London’s Heathrow Airport.

The United Airlines Flight 949 was already full of passengers when the incident happened.

A spokesperson from United Airlines announced that the pilot has been removed from service pending an investigation.

She reiterated that the Airline has a strict policy about this kind of behavior and it will not be tolerated.

The flight was cancelled and the passengers were transferred to other flights.

That was a tragedy averted as it could have easily been another plane accident waiting to happen.

A plane weighs about 20 tons with thousands of moving parts and will be flying about 30,000 feet in the air.

The concept of flying is scary enough for some people, the idea that the pilot is drunk while flying is just downright terrifying.

If proven that the pilot was indeed under the influence of alcohol, he could be charged by federal authorities for endangering his passengers.

The pilot’s license can also be revoked and he can be barred from flying commercial planes ever again.