Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senate Bill that Extends Unemployment Benefits Go to the Floor for Action

The senate bill that would extend unemployment benefits has been approved to go to the floor for action. However, the date and time for a full senate vote for bill HB 3548 is not yet known.

Under the bill, states with high unemployment rates would be able to give 20 additional weeks of benefits, while those whose unemployment rate are below 8.5% will receive up to 14 weeks.

The bill faced some setbacks as Republicans expressed concerns about the brunt of the additional costs being given to businesses.

The bill also became a magnet for amendments like the Democrats’ proposal to extend the $8,000 first time homebuyers tax credit.

Once approved, an agreement must be worked out with the House of Representatives, which passed their own version.

This is welcome news to the many jobless workers in California.

According to the California Development Department, about 134,000 citizens have already exhausted the up to 79 weeks of unemployment benefits available.

Just this September, the employment rate reached a high of 12.2 %.

Although the bill is somewhat a short term solution and does not really solve the unemployment problem, it goes a long way in helping those who are struggling to find a job while the government looks for ways to solve the problem.

Hopefully once the unemployment benefits are extended, the employment rate should also pick-up and by the end of the extension, we can see a reduction in unemployment.

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