Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stadium Staff fell before Game Starts

Workplace accidents could happen if an area was not properly maintained by the employer. Injured employees caused by these accidents may be compensated if they can prove that the injuries they sustained may be avoided if only the employer was not negligent in keeping their work area safe.

This may be the case in a slip and fall accident involving a member of the Chargers game-day staff. Walt Daniels was injured after he reportedly fell around 20-25 feet from the visiting coaches’ booth on the press level on Qualcomm Stadium.

The accident happened hours before the game started. According to emergency personnel, the man had a pulse after around five minutes of CPR.

He was putting together program packages that will be distributed to the media when he somehow fell out of the Booth 35C. He landed on the seats underneath and settled on the concrete between the Club Level’s second and third rows.

Two members of the Bronco’s radio broadcast team said the man tripped down the stairs, pitched forward, and rolled out of the booth. They said the worker, who was walking with a cane, desperately tried to regain control after the first stumble but failed to stop his fall.

CPR was performed on him and he was brought to Sharp Memorial Hospital.

Daniels’ employer should have made necessary adjustments to accommodate his physical condition. In addition, the employer should have been aware that Daniels may have trouble in going up or down the stairs.