Thursday, April 30, 2009

Massive Layoff Threatens 1,000 Workers in Sacramento

With the ongoing recession, Sacramento County officials are considering to reduce its workforce which can affect nearly 1,000 employees in effort to close the looming budget deficit. If this massive layoff will be implemented, California’s unemployment rate is expected to surge, further weakening the labor market.

Meanwhile, workers already expressed their concern over the proposed cuts. With disposable incomes and freeze hiring, unemployment threats are too much for ordinary Americans.

Despite objection from several labor groups, the massive workforce reduction will likely take place to keep the finances of local government afloat amid economic recession.

According to officials, the layoffs will save millions of dollars from the government budget. While this may be beneficial in some aspects, there are ramifications when high unemployment rate is unabated.

Meanwhile, local institutions that will be affected by massive layoff are District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, Office of County Counsel, Juvenile Medical Services, Public Defender’s Office, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Apart from cutting jobs, local government officials also require departments and agencies to have contingency plans and cost-cutting measures to save money amid the financial crisis.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stopping the Effects of Salmonella Outbreak

A warning has been issued by the California Department of Public Health after forty people, which includes 33 residents of California, were taken ill due to salmonella food poisoning after they have consumed black and white pepper purchased from City of Industry-based Union International Food Company.

Union International declared its voluntary recall of 16 products including cayenne pepper, wasabi, an onion powder, among others, which came under the Lian How and Uncle Chens Brands. Different local restaurants in the state may have purchased these contaminated products.

This scare rooted on the nationwide issue concerning pistachio-linked salmonella that caused many people to dump foods that may contain the nuts. These nuts were processed at Setton Pistachio, which is located in Tulare County.

According to the company’s representatives; contamination may have taken place when contaminated nuts and roasted nuts were mixed together because of an error in the process of separation.

These incidents may teach the food processing industry to be more responsible in making sure that all processed products are safe for consumption. Rules concerning the process of testing contaminants regularly should also be followed so that companies will be sure that they products they are selling are safe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fraud in Social Security Claims

Fraud in Social Security happens when a person who is illegible for benefits receives financial assistance from the agency. Unfortunately, there are many cases of such illegal activity that legal claimants have their benefits delayed.

One of the most common targets of fraudster is the In House Support Services (IHSS) of Social Security program. This service is for elderly and disabled people that will allow them to stay in their homes instead in medical facilities and hospice since their caretakers would also be their family relatives.
While this service has a noble purpose—and that is to help disabled and elderly people—there are some cases when this goes to individuals who are not legitimate claimants.

With the growing number of illegitimate claimants, some people suggest that there should be Social Security investigators to probe a person’s case and determine if he is really eligible for the financial aid he is receiving.

Meanwhile, SSA urges people to report any case of fraudulent act since it diminishes the agency’s budget and delays financial benefits of legitimate claimants.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Defective Evenflo Products Recalled after Accidents

Manufacturing companies have the responsibility of keeping their products safe for their patron’s use. However, there are some product defects that are only discovered after an accident has occurred and have injured others.

A recent event wherein the Evenflo Co. Inc., known for its baby products, have recalled around 643,000 units of Envision high chairs after some accidents have been reported.

The company has received around 320 reports wherein the seat has suddenly reclined backwards which caused head injuries. Another 13 reports indicate the small parts (i.e. screws and fasteners) are also defective and have almost caused choking accidents.

Companies, especially those which caters to children, should have better ways of making sure that their products would not malfunction or are not defective so as not to cause any accident that could jeopardize the life of those who use them.