Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Defective Evenflo Products Recalled after Accidents

Manufacturing companies have the responsibility of keeping their products safe for their patron’s use. However, there are some product defects that are only discovered after an accident has occurred and have injured others.

A recent event wherein the Evenflo Co. Inc., known for its baby products, have recalled around 643,000 units of Envision high chairs after some accidents have been reported.

The company has received around 320 reports wherein the seat has suddenly reclined backwards which caused head injuries. Another 13 reports indicate the small parts (i.e. screws and fasteners) are also defective and have almost caused choking accidents.

Companies, especially those which caters to children, should have better ways of making sure that their products would not malfunction or are not defective so as not to cause any accident that could jeopardize the life of those who use them.