Thursday, March 26, 2009

Employees with lupus could be discriminated

Employees and workers are a necessary fuel to run a company.

Same with other necessary machineries, humans are susceptible to sickness and diseases. When succumb to one, work is affected and productivity suffers. Consequently, the law protects employees in dealing with their medical conditions in the work place.

Lupus could be a medical condition that could deter a person from performing at his peak. It triggers the immune system. The immune system makes auto antibodies that attack the normal body cells.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act require employers to make reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental disabilities of an employee. This means allowing employees to make doctor’s appointments or giving them time off to attend to their medical needs.

A California worker could not be discriminated against simply because he/she he has a recognized medical disability such as lupus. Accordingly, the law gives them the right to file a suit against their employers in case of violation.