Thursday, April 30, 2009

Massive Layoff Threatens 1,000 Workers in Sacramento

With the ongoing recession, Sacramento County officials are considering to reduce its workforce which can affect nearly 1,000 employees in effort to close the looming budget deficit. If this massive layoff will be implemented, California’s unemployment rate is expected to surge, further weakening the labor market.

Meanwhile, workers already expressed their concern over the proposed cuts. With disposable incomes and freeze hiring, unemployment threats are too much for ordinary Americans.

Despite objection from several labor groups, the massive workforce reduction will likely take place to keep the finances of local government afloat amid economic recession.

According to officials, the layoffs will save millions of dollars from the government budget. While this may be beneficial in some aspects, there are ramifications when high unemployment rate is unabated.

Meanwhile, local institutions that will be affected by massive layoff are District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, Office of County Counsel, Juvenile Medical Services, Public Defender’s Office, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Apart from cutting jobs, local government officials also require departments and agencies to have contingency plans and cost-cutting measures to save money amid the financial crisis.