Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fraud in Social Security Claims

Fraud in Social Security happens when a person who is illegible for benefits receives financial assistance from the agency. Unfortunately, there are many cases of such illegal activity that legal claimants have their benefits delayed.

One of the most common targets of fraudster is the In House Support Services (IHSS) of Social Security program. This service is for elderly and disabled people that will allow them to stay in their homes instead in medical facilities and hospice since their caretakers would also be their family relatives.
While this service has a noble purpose—and that is to help disabled and elderly people—there are some cases when this goes to individuals who are not legitimate claimants.

With the growing number of illegitimate claimants, some people suggest that there should be Social Security investigators to probe a person’s case and determine if he is really eligible for the financial aid he is receiving.

Meanwhile, SSA urges people to report any case of fraudulent act since it diminishes the agency’s budget and delays financial benefits of legitimate claimants.