Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stopping the Effects of Salmonella Outbreak

A warning has been issued by the California Department of Public Health after forty people, which includes 33 residents of California, were taken ill due to salmonella food poisoning after they have consumed black and white pepper purchased from City of Industry-based Union International Food Company.

Union International declared its voluntary recall of 16 products including cayenne pepper, wasabi, an onion powder, among others, which came under the Lian How and Uncle Chens Brands. Different local restaurants in the state may have purchased these contaminated products.

This scare rooted on the nationwide issue concerning pistachio-linked salmonella that caused many people to dump foods that may contain the nuts. These nuts were processed at Setton Pistachio, which is located in Tulare County.

According to the company’s representatives; contamination may have taken place when contaminated nuts and roasted nuts were mixed together because of an error in the process of separation.

These incidents may teach the food processing industry to be more responsible in making sure that all processed products are safe for consumption. Rules concerning the process of testing contaminants regularly should also be followed so that companies will be sure that they products they are selling are safe.