Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Recovery from Brain Injuries

Sometimes we see the results of wrong decisions only in the aftermath of our actions.

I just came across the article, “Ten Months After Tragic Car Crash Causing Brain Injury”, posted in October 19, which tells about a 19-year old woman’s struggle after a tragic car crash. The accident left her in coma and under serious condition for months while the two other passengers died instantly. The driver of the vehicle, his boyfriend, is in critical condition and facing trial for two counts of vehicular manslaughter.

According to the account, the accident happened one night on their way home. The driver of the car they were riding decided to race against another car, exceeding the speed limit. The driver lost control of the car and slammed into a tree.

The young girl was in coma for a week and when she woke up she found half her body paralyzed. . According to doctors, she had suffered brain damage to the left side of her brain in the accident, causing neurons to disconnect. She also was not able to swallow and doctors had to perform a tracheotomy, which left a tube in her windpipe for 90 days.

The young victim left the hospital three months later but regained only partial use of her body.

Brain injury is only one of the many injuries a victim may suffer from a car accident, which ranges from minor bruises to serious injuries or worst, death.

In general, brain injuries can lead to permanent damage or death. Most traumatic brain injuries are caused by severe impact to the head, like what happens during a vehicle accident or a slip and fall incident. In some cases, a medical negligence can also result in similar serious injuries. Brain injuries are often the result of another person’s negligence or recklessness.

In most accidents where a victim is often injured, the signs of a serious illness may not be detected right away. Sometimes it becomes evident only after a series of medical examinations.

To claim damages for seriously-damaging injuries caused by negligence, you need to consult a lawyer who has the skills and experience in handling cases involving brain injuries.