Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson’s Dermatologist not the Source of Diprivan

Now that Michael Jackson had been laid to rest, question on the cause of his death continues to puzzle millions of his fans.

The death certificate left Jackson’s cause of death blank pending the completion of the toxicology report. In fact, a part of his brain was still in the custody of the investigators until neuropathology tests were completed.

Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, came up and said the he was not the source of Diprivan. He claimed that he may have sedated Jackson for past painful medical procedures but he had never given him Diprivan.

Klein also confirmed that Jackson had always ways with things. He had this whatever-he-likes-he-gets attitude. He left an intriguing statement that Jackson was with a team of surgeons who did not know where to stop.

Inferring from Klein’s last statement and judging from Jackson’s what he likes-he-gets attitude, Jackson may have acquired drugs from this team of professionals who had access to the drugs.

Authorities recovered several drugs from Jackson’s home including Diprivan. Diprivan is a powerful drug administered by anesthesiologists in hospitals. A dangerous drug like this should never be injected in private homes or left in the hands of an inexperienced person.

Klein had also discounted the rumor that Jackson’s health was poor. In fact, when he saw him three days before his death, Klein said he had not notice anything that would make him worry. As a 50 year old man, Jackson may have slowed but he was strong, Klein said.

The course of investigation may have led authorities to prescription drugs. But everything seemed to boil down to one thing: the source of these prescription drugs.

Whoever was the source of it was negligent in giving them to Jackson. The source knew better than Jackson that the drugs were very dangerous and may cause death if given indiscriminately. Consequently, a medical malpractice case could be filed against such person.