Thursday, August 20, 2009

Effects of Lane Splitting to Motorcyclists

As motorcycles could be easily maneuvered, motorcyclists often practice line splitting or sharing especially in times of traffic.

Line splitting is driving between established lanes of traffic. This practice could be very dangerous because motorcycles are often overlooked by larger vehicles.
In fact, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles motorcyclist's handbook, the practice is not safe and that vehicles and motorcycles need a full lane to operate safely.

California is the only state that does not prohibit line splitting. But with the fatal accident of a Garden Grove man while riding his motorcycle, the city may consider adopting the same rule.

Jason Richard Doerr was riding his motorcycle to work when his motorcycle collided with silver Toyota Matrix. Doerr tumbled off his motorcycle and trapped beneath the car. Witnesses said that prior to the incident, Doerr was splitting lanes.

The California Highway Patrol stated that motorcycle collisions happen due to unsafe speed, improper turning, improper passing and unsafe lane changes.

In Orange County, deaths among motorcyclist jumped to 44 percent. Although there were no statistics, line splitting was a contributing factor to the increase in the percentage.

Motorcycle riding is dangerous. An impact no matter how little could expose the rider to injuries. If the injury is caused by negligence, a personal injury case may be pursued against the driver. The victim can seek advice from a motorcycle accident attorney.