Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Former Candidate tried for Fraudulent acts

Issuing a bounced check in exchange for goods or services is penalized by law. It is a fraudulent act punishable in most states.

For Delecia Holt, a three-time congressional candidate, issuing a check became a habit despite the knowledge that she had no sufficient money in the bank.

Holt wrote bad checks to buy a Mercedes, pay for a month-long hotel stay and pay for telephone bills and other utilities. Consequently, she was arrested in October 2008 and jailed since then for failing to post a bail bond of $56,000.

Holt pleaded not guilty. Her court appointed defense attorney Fred McBride waived his right to make an opening statement.

Deputy District Attorney Marc Labreche said Holt could still be charged with filing a false campaign finance statements.

False or fraudulent acts are not only detrimental to a business endeavor but invites judicial intervention. When prosecuted for acts like these, a business lawyer can intervene to minimize or resist its effects.