Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teen Ferrari Driver in Critical Condition after Fatal Crash

Teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents because they are inexperienced compared to older drivers and many of them tend to ignore traffic rules.

In fact, another teen was recently involved in an accident on East Coast Highway that killed his passenger.

According to authorities, Luicci Nader, 18, from Huntington Beach, was the person driving the gray 2008 F-430 Spider that smashed into a tow truck, split in two, and then caught fire.

The Spider’s passenger was identified as Ralph Abi Nader, 24, from Huntington Beach.

The teen reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which jumped the median and swerved onto the road’s other side between Bayside Drive and Jamboree Road, before it smashed into the truck head on.

He is under a critical condition at a hospital and cannot speak, said authorities.

Meanwhile, the tow truck’s passenger and driver only sustained minor injuries.

Nader could face manslaughter charges if he recovers because he was speeding when the accident happened.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children the importance of following traffic rules. They should not let their children drive if they feel that the latter are still unprepared to do so.