Thursday, April 29, 2010

Capistrano School Teachers Holds Rally to Protest Pay Cut

People generally work to earn money, which is often not enough due to the high cost of living today. Problems naturally arise if the insufficient salary employees received are sometimes further reduced due to budget problems.

Hundreds of Capistrano Unified School District teachers in Orange County decided to hold a rally after the school board had decided to reduce their salary by 10.1% after it broke off ongoing negotiations.

According to reports, the salary of these teachers will be reduced to end a $54 million budget deficit, which was caused by problems in state funding. This pay cut will help the district save around $19.9 million.

The Capistrano Unified Education Association president said the union will agree to this pay cut if the school board will end it on June 30, 2011. Educators will not teach until this condition is approved.

However, the district said it will not agree to such condition.

At least 52,000 students did not attend classes after hundreds of teachers joined the rally.