Friday, December 17, 2010

Jobless Benefits to Run Out?

Unemployment benefits provide the jobless with their much-needed help in their finances while they are still looking for a job.

However, these benefits are not always available as there is a time period allotted to jobless workers before their benefits run out.

Before the federal extensions have been approved, a person will only receive these benefits within the 26-week-period after his claim has been granted. But, because of the extensions, the workers will receive a total of 99-week worth of benefits. Unfortunately, this too will change.

Some 454,000 jobless workers in the state of California alone won’t be receiving their benefits before Christmas if the Congress won’t do anything about it.

The California Employment Development Department announced that they are trying to inform all of the beneficiaries about the looming end of jobless benefits. The EDD is the state department responsible for administering the jobless benefits.

With how the economy is going, it is almost impossible to provide all the jobless workers with opportunities to earn income. So, if the congress won’t act on the approaching end of jobless benefits, then, it is almost inevitable that a lot of families won’t have a happy holiday.

Jobless benefits are designed to supplement the needs of a person while he is still looking for a job. But, with the budget deficit that the government is facing, they may have no choice but to stop the extensions to accommodate other needs of their citizens.