Friday, June 22, 2007

Elephant Rampage

Elephants are one of the great attractions in zoos and especially in circus acts. These elephants are huge animals that are usually not aggressive, lumbering along like a gentle giant. The children are most attracted to these animals because of their huge size and their voracious appetite for peanuts. The cartoonists’ portrayals of them as one of the good and huggable guys do wonders to their image as well.

However, one should never forget that these animals are not meant to be caged. Also, like us, elephants have their own set of behaviors and social structures in the wild. Even elephants, who are trained to perform in zoos and circus shows have a propensity to do harm if they are surprised, irritated or fell ill.

There are already several reported cases of elephants that suddenly attack their keepers and trainers. In zoos, some of the zoo keepers get injured when an elephant, without provocation, suddenly charges upon its keeper for a long time. Studying and unlocking animal behavior is not an exact science.

Worse is when an elephant is performing in a circus show and it suddenly turns wild There have been numerous accounts of elephants suddenly going berserk, hurting the trainer and the by standers.

If you have been injured due to an elephant attack, you are entitled to damages. You could claim from the owner of the elephant, from its trainer and even from the owner of the zoo or the establishment. However, having a claim and pursuing one are two different matters. A consultation with a lawyer with experience in handling animal attack cases is highly recommended.