Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Protect and Claim: One Two Punch After A Bite

Each year, more than half a million people are bitten by animals. Most of the victims are children. Surprisingly, most of the dogs that are involved in animal attacks are not aggressive animals. There are also dog bites that happened unprovoked.

It is not unusual to get bitten by a dog even if you try all your life to avoid one. There is no distinction between pet owners, pet lovers and pet haters when it comes to dog or animal bites. A dog, even if unprovoked may bite if it gets surprised. One example is if you are turning on a corner and suddenly chanced upon a dog. The dog’s tendency might be to bite you because of surprise or it may suddenly feel threatened forcing it to defend itself.

Just in case you are unfortunate enough to get bitten. You should protect yourself from further attack by placing an object between you and the attacking animal. Shout for help. The dog may get startled and withdraw from attacking you. Also, there might be passersby who can hear you and rush to your aid.

Call the police immediately. If you are not that seriously hurt, you can wait for the police or paramedics. However, if you are seriously injured, go to the nearest hospital or clinic for immediate treatments. Finally, call an expert dog bite attorney like the attorneys from Mesriani Law Group if you are in California. They will tell you what to do and help you protect your rights and secure you your claims against the dog owner or keeper.