Monday, July 2, 2007

Responsibility of Ownership

Property owners may face a significant liability problem every time an individual steps in their properties. Every property owner has a duty to his or her guests to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition.

Premise liability can be applied against all types of property owners. Commercial properties like malls and stores are liable some accidents causing injuries to their customers or patrons. Puddle sof water on the floor, slippery flooring tiles which have no warning signs are dangerous conditions that could make commercial property owners liable for accidents proximately caused by it.

On the part of the industrial and construction property owners, they are liable for trip and falls, falling materials or debris on their properties or even accidents that happen near their properties where the accidents were due to falling debris or debris left lying on the premises causing passersby to be tripped and fall resulting in injuries.

The government is liable for injuries resulting from roadway and vehicular accidents especially due when the accident is largely due to poor maintenance of broken, slippery or uneven pathways, walkways or alleyways.

Even private property owners are not safe from premise liability if any of his or her visitors sustained injuries as a result of slip, trip and fall from their premises.

If you are a property owner, the best way to protect yourself from premise liability claims is to properly maintain your properties.