Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Benefits: What You Are Entitled To

Every worker is entitled to Employee Compensation. If you are employed in California and you get injured, you have the right to claim benefits under worker’s compensation insurance from your employer.

Worker’s compensation is regulated by federal and state laws. These laws protect workers who are injured and provide means for the grant of aids during their time of need.

Worker’s compensation insurance is a no fault insurance. This means that if you are injured as a result of the performance of your work, you should be granted worker’s compensation regardless of who is at fault. In short, unlike other personal injury claims, an injured worker does not need to prove negligence in order to be granted worker’s compensation claims.

As an injured worker, the law mandates that you should be provided with medical care and cure for your injury. If your injury cannot be cured, worker’s compensation insurance should shoulder your treatments to ease your pain and suffering. Aside from this, you must be paid allowance while you are not able to work. This is called “total temporary disability”. Although the granted benefit is less than your regular monthly salary, at least you have an allowance to pay for your daily living costs while you are treating.

In case, however, you are totally disabled or impaired and you cannot perform the job for which you were hired, worker’s compensation should grant you settlement instead of compensation. Simultaneously, worker’s compensation should aid you in looking for work and must pay for your training to be able to perform other means of gainful employment