Thursday, August 23, 2007

Side airbags set to be required on automobiles

Do you consider that airbags may actually save your life in case of a vehicle accident involvement? Would you agree if our federal laws compel all car manufacturers to install airbags on their products? Well, whether you like it or not, you should. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has come out with a plan of requiring automobile companies to set up side airbags on their manufactured automobiles according to The Detroit News. This proposal however, will be implemented early next decade as planned by the government. Full story on NHTSA airbags.

The reason behind this new strategy is maybe due to the unstoppable increase in the number of casualties and personal injuries that were inflicted to vehicular accident victims. In short, the NHTSA maybe thinking that installing side airbags on automobiles will at least lessen the factors that causes fatalities and serious injuries in road catastrophes.

According to studies that have been conducted, the number of fatalities that resulted from side-impact crashes has reached to its alarming level, from 31% in 1981 to 49% in 2005. Thus, side-impact crashes may be considered next to frontal crashes in terms of caused fatalities.

However, the government authorities are still quite unsure on what positive effects, this idea, will bring to the motorists. But the better side of it is the fact that we are assured that the government is extending their efforts to resolve the issue that has been causing much threat to the road users.

Approximately, the implementation of side airbag rule is expected to cost automobile manufacturers at least $208 each vehicle or a whopping $1.6 to $3.6 billion every year.

Now, should you face higher automobile costs in the future, just consider the protection that these side airbags can give. Anyway, it is better to invest a little for your safety rather than finding yourself lying on a hospital bed and much worse, on a coffin.