Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The winning story of a maltreated employee

I cannot believe to Pete Yonski’s entry story that has won the grand prize in the Working America's My Bad Boss Contest. His story entitled “Cancer Can’t Stop This Bosstackled his unfortunate experience in his job. He frankly said in his entry that he was a victim of labor law violation by his boss.

Yonski, who has been detected with a rare cancer, was allegedly denied of his vacation leave and employment disability benefits. In his article, he put the blame on his boss for being so cruel to him despite of his serious illness and the fact that his family is greatly in need of support and understanding.

This incident encountered by Yonski was illegal and very much inhumane. No employer with a decent mind will unjustifiably mistreat his very sick employee. In addition, Yonski’s employer should have considered the fact that he has served the company well for so long. He then should be treated nicely and his appropriate benefits should b given to him as provided for by the existing labor laws.

Under the labor laws, employees who have incurred ailments should be allowed to have their paid sick leave. This is to have some time for their medical treatments and rehabilitations and while still getting their salaries.

This however, depends on what their employment manuals and contracts stated. Majority of companies in the United States have their own employment manuals that determine the actual benefits that an employee is eligible in certain instances like sickness.

Thus, if it happened that you have been employed in company, it would be better for you to examine first your obligations and allowable benefits before engaging to your job. This is to have the assurance of being able to get the suitable benefits in the event that you have suffered from any disability in the course of your employment.