Friday, August 1, 2008

A Deadly Aftermath of a Car Accident

Car accident happens due to various causes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top six leading causes of car accident re driver distractions, driver fatigue, drunk driving, speeding, aggressive driving and weather.

However, nothing in the causes mentioned above can be blamed for the fatal accident that happened at the Delta-Mendota Canal.

The ill-fated accident that claimed the lives of eight people is the main thesis in the blog, “8 Dead as Vehicles Plunge into Canal after Central Valley Car Accident.”

The accident involved farm laborers. All victims were all immigrants and most were in their teens or early twenties. The accident happened on a small bridge over the canal; both vehicles smashed through the barricades and plunged into the deep water.
Upon investigation, police officers said that the bridge is becoming an accident-prone due to its substandard guardrails that made it an unreasonably dangerous highway.

This particular accident only shows that accident happen anytime, anywhere and under any circumstance. Who would have thought that the guardrails could be one of the culprits in the accident?

I am not saying that if the guardrails were sturdy then the accident would not have happened. Of course, there is no way of stopping it from happening.

What I am saying is if only the guardrails are strong enough to prevent the victims from plunging into the water then they may have been given immediate medical attention. What is next after treatment is no longer in our hands so long as all efforts to make them survive are exhausted.

In this case, those who may have sustained injuries and survived the accident itself may have died thereafter not because of the crash but because of drowning since after the accident the vehicles plunged into deep water.

It is a difficult ordeal to have died twice so to speak.