Thursday, August 7, 2008

Los Angeles Safeguards and Guarantee on Discrimination and Employee’s Rights

Los Angeles, the home to people of varied nationalities from more than 140 countries, speaking 224 different languages, as can be gleaned, is indeed the common place where opportunity and pleasure is at its finest.

Los Angeles has ever-welcome immigrants from all over the world, since time being. As a fact, it has been continuously nesting varied nationalities in the realms of its territory. A good point to describe Los Angeles, I fairly said.

With the diverse culture and orientation, it cannot be easily discounted the fact that this diverse organization of people could potentially lead to race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or age discrimination. This has bearing particularly in the workplaces and other avenues of human activities (whether discrimination in voting, housing, business, federal and state government services, medical services, education and public accommodations in hotels or restaurants and other places).

With these conditions, it is worth knowing that federal and California laws protect people in Los Angeles against such discrimination, particularly in workplace scenarios where constant discriminatory actuations happened.

California is not wanting of anti-discrimination laws in its ruling. Specifically, California has addressed discrimination by exacting laws under the following avenues:

  • California Age Discrimination Law

  • California ADA Disability Law

  • California Race Discrimination Law

  • California National Origin Discrimination Law

  • California Pregnancy Discrimination Law

  • Family Medical Leave Act

And on harassment side, California have exacted these:

  • California Sexual Harassment Law

  • California Racial Harassment Law

  • Retaliation by Employers

With these wager of laws, employees in Los Angeles, irrespective of their diverse beginnings can be held as have been safeguarded and guaranteed in their employment rights, especially against employment discrimination.