Thursday, March 11, 2010

Democratic Bill: A Possible Solution to State Employee Furloughs

Implementing furlough days has prevented many Californian employees to receive their regular full amount of salary because their work days were reduced to address the state’s financial problems.

Luckily, a Democrat bill that can end the “three-day-a-month furloughs,” which affect about 80,000 state workers, has been recently approved by the California Legislature.

According to reports, this bill is aimed at reversing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s move of imposing furloughs that could affect about 200, 000 state workers. It will cover different employees who are being paid using funds from user fees, the federal government, or any source that is excluded from California’s general fund.

However, this bill may not be immediately implemented because it should first be approved by Schwarzenegger, which is unlikely due to the governor’s firm stand regarding furlough days.

Schwarzenegger’s office even filed an appeal and requested for the Supreme Court’s help after Alameda County Judge Frank Roesch ordered the state to provide back pay to over 50,000 state employees who were unlawfully furloughed and issued numerous rulings against the controversial policy.