Monday, March 1, 2010

Hit-and-Run Results to Injuries, Property Damages

Every motorist is required to have an insurance policy in order to make sure that they could not escape their liability of ever they get into an accident. However, most people choose to run away thinking that they will escape their liability.

A pick-up driver and his passenger were recently injured after their vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle that took off immediately after the crash. The collision caused the truck to hit a curb and a fire hydrant that squirted water at least 20 feet up.

The vehicle that hit the pick-up in Placentia Avenue was later located by authorities but its four occupants took off running.

The pick-up truck driver and passenger were hospitalized and their vehicle was totaled in the accident. The northbound lanes also had to be closed as authorities fixed the fire hydrant.

The occupants shouldn’t have run off as registered vehicles can be traced to its owners in no time. They should have just got off their vehicle and assisted the injured party who may have needed immediate medical attention.