Friday, March 28, 2008

Proof of Claim in Case of Car Accident Injury

After sustaining an injury, the next step that should be done is to file a claim for such injury against the offending party. But filing a claim is not easy as it may seem. Of course, you can’t just file your claim then state an amount then expect for the other party to pay exactly said amount. In fact, the offending party and its insurance company will give you all reasons to defeat your claim. Insurance companies even play hard ball in minor crash injury claims

The question is how much would your claim will be? Well, the best way to determine how much your injury claim is worth when you are injured in a car accident is to observe at how an insurance company would assess your claim. An insurance company will first look to the types and amounts of damages sustained and then to percentage of fault.

In determining the worth of your claim, it is inevitable to deal with the following topics: handling the accident scene and compensation for vehicle damage.

How you gather and preserve the evidence at the scene of the accident will affect how much claim you are entitled to get. Moreover your acts before, during and after the accident will more or less determine the costs of your claim. This includes caring for the car that was destroyed in the accident.

Is it strange that you still have to take these steps to make good your claim? Isn’t the injury enough proof of claim already?