Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Unlikely Source of Compensation for a Car Accident Victim

Normally, car accident victims can get compensation for their injuries from the person who causes the accident. In most cases, the victim hires an attorney to determine the liability and prove who is at fault in the incident.

In the article, “Southern California Residents Hit by a Car Can Get Compensation for Injuries from Many Sources, posted in January 25, 2008, the victim’s attorney has found a restaurant as an unlikely source of compensation in the car accident.

According to the article, the victim was served too much alcohol which resulted in the accident. The victim’s attorneys argued that the restaurant did not exercise care by serving their patron alcohol “when they should have known she was already drunk”.

After getting drunk in the restaurant, the patron allegedly got in her car and ran head-on into an oncoming traffic. The accident resulted in the death of an innocent person, a driver running the opposite direction of traffic.

According to reports, the drunk driver was later convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. The restaurant agreed to pay for injuries caused by the drunk driver, who was served too much alcohol. The settlement helped to provide compensation to the family of the dead victim.

With a careful and tenacious attorney, the victim’s family was able to get justice, and restaurants were sent a clear signal about their responsibilities.

Getting injured in a car accident is a truly unfortunate incident. Accidents are not only disruptions to one’s life but they can also be the cause of several injuries that may threaten your life and your future.

However, if you happen to get involved in an accident in Los Angeles, it is good to have an attorney who can help you in this time of need and protect your rights.

There are Los Angeles attorneys who specialize in car accidents. They can help you obtain damages in an accident in case you are injured. Aside from that, these lawyers are knowledgeable in the complex nature of the accident and may represent in the case if a settlement cannot be reached.