Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unveiling Sexual Harassment of Men

A government survey revealed that sexual harassment or man in workplaces has increased in numbers.

The hidden world of man sexually harassed by their superiors was unveiled.

The general pattern of the male superior harassing the female subordinate have been considered as the thing of the past.

With the growing number of women having a considerable powerful position in workplaces, it is inevitable that cases of male harassment would rise up.

Sexual harassment generally means as relating to any unwelcome attention of a sexual nature. Also, the term is considered as a form of illegal discrimination and abuse.

Our sexual harassment law was so broad and controversial.

A varying application and coverage have been followed from among the different sectors of society.

In workplaces for instance, sexual harassment may have some application that is not so applicable with the educational sector.

There are however, some similarities from among them, and that is:

  • All has provided a penalty for their commission,
  • Applicable to either sexes; that is, it does not discriminate as to the gender of the victims. Whether you are a male or a female, you could be a victim of sexual harassment, and thus protected under the law.

In workplaces, sexual harassment is prevalent. In most companies or offices, plenty of complaints for sexual harassment have been lodged to the company’s sexual harassment board.

From among of these cases, a good number of it was brought by a male victim.

In the former setting, unlike a female victim, male victims are less likely to complain. Most males don’t bother to complain or file a suit. They just take the thing with themselves, maybe for fear of rejection and male pride.

But under the present condition, a good number of male victims have come out in the open and bravely faced the challenge of filing a case against their harasser.

In our courts, there were several reported cases of a male victim of sexual harassment or discrimination that have been listed in our courts.

Still, a few male victims are hesitant to come out and have not overcome the fear that the event has caused them.

But the hard fact is that cases of male harassment in the workplaces are escalating.