Friday, October 17, 2008

Quitting the Job: Not a Condition Precedent for Filing Disability Claim

Disability can often get in the way of our work. It prevents us from being efficient and effective. It affects not only our physical being but also our financial state and our personal interaction with others.

The fact remains that it is during disability that we should have the most of everything. We need the most care, understanding, money and support.

To help us with the financial burden, we can file a disability claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Disability benefits can be under the supplemental security income (SSI) program or social security disability insurance (SSDI). Hence, we come to the query of whether we have to quit work or not before we can file our disability claim.

No! The applicant need not stop working before filing with SSA. Practically, he or she need not wait to succumb totally to such disability. In fact, it is advised to file the disability claim immediately.

In filing a disability claim, the primary consideration is that the applicant has a medical illness that is expected to last for not less than one year and such illness prevents him or her from performing any substantial gainful activity.

Needless to say, the applicant must present proof of his or her medical condition to support the claim of disability.

Becoming disable is not an option for me but in the event that I become one, at least I know what to do.