Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Texting might have caused the fatal train accident

Another blow to the government’s reinforced program and measure against the use of mobile phone while driving has been delivered.

Recent developments in the still on-going investigation of the fatal train accident in California reveals that the Metrolink engineer who was driving the train sent text messages moments before the crash occurs.

One expert estimated that the last text message was sent approximately five seconds after the engineer drive through the red signal. Others said that the last message was sent after the light which could have been the cause of the failure of the driver to see the oncoming train.

While Los Angeles Times reports that according to the preliminary information released by the federal authorities, the Metrolink engineer sent a text message from his mobile phone nearly 22 seconds before the actual impact. The driver was said to have also received text a minute earlier. All in all, he sent 57 messages while on duty.

With these findings, it becomes clear that the engineer was in perfect good health before the accident – thus, negating some theories linking his health condition to the crash.

It becomes clear that he was violating the Metrolink policy, and the law, against using cellular phones while on the job. It somehow becomes clear now whose negligence, at least initially, was it that produced the fatal and horrible train accident.

With this, inevitable legal consequences against Metrolink will surely follow. The victims of this accident, we need not say, needs justice, vindication and reparation for their losses – loss of life, damages and injuries to them and their loved ones.

It will become clearer as the investigation reveals more. Irrespective some statements that the feds investigation dubiously leads to their initial “no-basis” pronouncements, truth will come out – which is just what the victims, their families and the commuting public needs during these times.