Friday, February 19, 2010

Man Trapped in Burning Van Saved by “Angels”

A high school art teacher received a second chance to live after he was pulled out of a burning van on the 91 freeway by two strangers whom he referred to as “angels from heaven.”

According to reports, Said Abdelsayed, 52, was traveling east along the area using a Dodge Caravan, which was converted to provide space for his wheelchair, when he noticed the smoke’s odor.

He then pulled over and the van began to burn when he opened the right cargo door.

Abdelsayed tried to get out of the vehicle but failed to do so because he was not seated on the wheelchair at that time.

Luckily, two strangers suddenly arrived and pulled him to safety, said reports.

The strangers also saved a number of Abdelsayed’s artworks from the burning vehicle before leaving the area. The art teacher showed his gratitude by trying to give them a piece of his painting.