Monday, February 22, 2010

Speeding Caused Crash that Killed Driver

The driver of a northbound Ford Explorer that was involved in a recent vehicle collision was killed after she was broadsided by a speeding eastbound Mercedes that ran a red light at an intersection.

According to reports, 45-year-old Christine Ann Ingle of Rio Linda was driving along the 16th street when she was hit by the unidentified driver of the Mercedes that was going 70-100mph on C Street.

Five others sustained minor injuries in the accident and they were all taken to a hospital.

Sadly, in most cases of speeding and DUI that causes accidents, the negligent driver almost always is the one to survive. If proven guilty, the negligent driver will likely face jail time and pay compensatory damages to the family of his victim.

There is no sure way to avoid accidents caused by speeding or DUI. However, every motorist can discipline himself to make streets safer for everyone.