Friday, February 12, 2010

Muni Video Reveals Pedestrian Accident Happened in Crosswalk

Pedestrians who use crosswalks can still be injured due to the presence of drivers who have no respect for traffic rules.

In fact, a Muni bus video showed how a 78-year-old female pedestrian was hit by the vehicle while she was walking in a crosswalk along the Portola neighborhood in San Francisco.

According to reports, the driver said she failed to notice the pedestrian’s presence and that she apparently swerved at the last moment in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid contact.

Police said the pedestrian, who sustained external and critical injuries, was brought to San Francisco General Hospital and is now under critical condition.

Reports stated that the woman was crossing San Bruno Avenue along Burrows Street when she was suddenly hit by a 9-San Bruno bus that was moving southbound.

The video revealed that she was walking along the yellow-stripped crosswalk located on the intersection’s south area, around 15 feet from the curb, when the incident occurred.

The driver was placed on a non-driving status. Results of alcohol and drug tests are not yet available.

The vehicle was apparently moving at a speed of around 15 mph when it hit the pedestrian.

Reports said the intersection has no stop signs or stoplights.